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As the source for all things plantain, The Plantain's Council's website is the place where you will find all the information you ever wanted to know about plantains! Is the plantain a fruit or is it a vegetable? Where do plantains come from? How are plantains eaten? Here you will find the answers to those questions . . . and more!


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The Plantain Council represents all segments of the plantain industry: producers, processors, suppliers and consumers. We believe industry wide representation fosters better communication of priorities and enhances the response to the needs of the marketplace.


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The Plantain Council promotes the use, benefits and versatility of plantains, identifies the issues important to the industry and advocates on its behalf and furthers the well-being of its members to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of the plantain industry.

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Is the plantain a fruit
or is it a vegetable?


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About the Plantain



According to Fruit and Veggies - More Matters -- a health inititative spearheaded by the Produce for Better Health Foundation in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) -- the plantain is actually. . . a fruit!

Similar to the tomato, which is a fruit consumed as a vegetable, the plantain is also consumed as a vegetable.

The plantain (Musa paradisiaca) is a tall plant which can grow from 10 to 33 feet high. It has a cone-shaped false "trunk" which is formed by the leaf sheaths of its spirally arranged leaves. The fruit, which is green, is typically larger than and closely related to the common banana (Musa sapientum). The edible fruit of the plantain has more starch than the banana and is not eaten raw. The plant is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia.

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Health & Nutrition



There are many delicious plantain recipes. Because the plantain is such a versatile cooking ingredient, it can be added to any dish you already love. The plantain can be used as a potato substitute or it can be paired with a spicy dish as a side. And, it can also be prepared as a great, healthy snack for folks on the go.

Photo courtesy of MIC Food

Photo courtesy of MIC Food

Braised pork belly on Hawaiian Tostones

Photo courtesy of MIC Food

Photo courtesy of MIC Food

Coconut Pancakes with Fried Plantains, Pineapple Rum Syrup, & blueberries

Photo courtesy of MIC Food

Photo courtesy of MIC Food

Sweet Plantain & Prosciutto Grilled
Cheese Sandwich

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